What type of music artists are on CrunkSpot?

CrunkSpot maintains an "artist-first" philosophy and supports all artists at every stage of their careers. CrunkSpot's CRUNKSPOT//ARTIST program highlights and champions buzzworthy music artists. Curated in real-time, we support emerging artists at the moment they need it most—off the ground and on the rise—providing creative, financial, and marketing support, and perhaps most importantly, a lion's share of their NFT revenues in perpetuity. Please check this page for more information or to sign up to CRUNKSPOT//ARTIST.

How do you learn about future artists Drops?

Join the community! The best way to stay up to date on upcoming CrunkSpot drops is to join our Discord channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Can CrunkSpot NFTs help me access exclusive experiences?

Absolutely. Although NFTs are digital assets, they can also come with exclusive CrunkSpot content for holders. This content could be special IRL (in real life) benefits such as access to an unreleased song, VIP concert tickets, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the owner of the NFT, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with the NFT for as long as you own it. Once a CrunkSpot NFT is exported out of the CrunkSpot platform, any content is no longer accessible.

I'm a musician or recording artist. How do I work with CrunkSpot?

If you're an artist or a manager, please drop us a note at support@crunkspot.com.


Being there the day their journey first began. Supporting their dreams and making them happen—for real. With CRUNKSPOT//ARTIST, YOU play A&R by backing the music industry's newest and most promising talent. Not only is CRUNKSPOT//ARTIST NFTs revolutionizing the way artists earn capital to make the music they love, they're giving YOU the opportunity to come along for the ride. It's just like a fan club but for Web3! When you collect NFTs from the artists you believe, you're joining their journey. Every turn, every bump, and most importantly, every win is yours, too.