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Spencer Moss

Founder and CEO

Spencer Moss is an entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in the technology sector, as well as project management and investment. He is experienced in the areas of strategy, partnerships, software d... read more
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Mike Farmer

Vice President

Mike Farmer is a businessman who previously founded Carolina Interior Systems, LLC in 2008 and successfully sold the business in 2022. Although he started his business in 2008 during the great recessi... read more
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Sadek Irfan

Tech Lead

Sadek Irfan, the Tech Lead at Crunkspot, is a senior web and blockchain developer with a proven track record of working on over 40 web3 projects. He is responsible for overseeing the development of th... read more
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Rezwanul Karim

Product Manager

Rezwanul is a marketing and product manager with over 6 years of experience in various industries. He has helped over 30 projects with their product development efforts in the web3 space. He is curren... read more