How to Sell an NFT using CrunkSpot?

Selling an NFT using CrunkSpot is simple and user-friendly. Anyone can list an NFT for sale, whether that's the creator of the NFT or the person who most recently collected it. Creators and collectors have two main ways to sell using CrunkSpot: via fixed price sale.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital item stored on a blockchain. NFTs can represent almost anything and serve as a digital record of ownership. To sell an NFT using CrunkSpot, you'll need a few things: a CrunkSpot account, a crypto wallet, and something really awesome to sell. It's up to you to decide what that awesome thing will be. Your NFT will consist of two things: a piece of media (like an image, music, or video) and what that media represents. For example, 3D digital art that represents ownership of that art, interactive media that represents digital land you own, or an image of a card that represents membership to an exclusive club.

Who can sell an NFT?

Selling NFTs isn't just for the people who create them. An NFT can also be sold by the collector who bought or received it from the original creator, or the collector who bought or received it from the previous collector, and so on. Whoever currently owns the NFT can sell it.

What are the different processes for selling NFTs using CrunkSpot?

To sell your NFTs using CrunkSpot, you can sell your NFT for a fixed price, which will allow buyers to purchase it outright. Fixed price sales allow sellers to define exactly how much they want to sell the item for.

How do I list an NFT for sale using CrunkSpot?

  1. Navigate to the top right of the page and click your Profile icon.
  2. Select the NFT you would like to sell from your wallet.
  3. On the top right of the item page, click "Sell".
  4. Choose the type of sale and the price. In a fixed price sale, the seller establishes the NFT price.
  5. Set a duration for the sale by choosing a default duration or setting a custom duration using the calendar.
  6. Lastly, you can choose to reserve the item for a specific buyer. To do so, open the "More Options" section and enter their wallet address into the "Reserve for specific buyer" field.
  7. In all those options, you'll see the potential fees from the sale listed at the bottom. In this case, this sale includes CrunkSpot's Buyer Fee of 2.0% and Creator Earnings of 10%, for a total of 12%.

What fees are associated with the primary sale of NFTs using CrunkSpot?

Any transaction, including sales, typically includes gas fees, creator earnings, and a marketplace fee. Sellers pay gas fees when accepting offers. Creator earnings are set by the creator of the NFT and taken out of the sale amount the seller receives. CrunkSpot's fees are simple and straightforward: CrunkSpot receives a 2.0% transaction fee and a 75% royalty fee for the primary and secondary sale price of your NFT.

What are Creator Fees?

Creators can set a collection-level fee of up to X%, which allows them to earn money every time their NFT is sold, even after it's owned by other collectors. Creators can modify this fee at any point. The creator fee is taken out of the sale amount the seller receives.

Why should I sell my NFTs using CrunkSpot?

At CrunkSpot, we offer a way to keep costs to a minimum while selling your NFTs. The new protocol for buying and selling NFTs using CrunkSpot significantly lowers gas fees. CrunkSpot is the largest and most diverse music, merchandise, and events NFT marketplace online, and we're proud to continue to offer users the best NFT buying and selling experience in web3.