What does it cost to buy or sell an NFT?

Primary Sale: We get 2% from the buyer side on the transaction + 75% from the artist.

Secondary Sale: We get 2% from the buyer + 2% on the transaction + 2% from the royalty.

When can I gift an NFT?

You can gift an NFT immediately if paid with crypto.

What is a "One Time Wallet Gas Fee"?

With Polygon, the first time you prepay with MATIC (or any other ERC-20 token), there is a "one-time wallet gas fee" to deploy a smart contract and receive your payment securely. Subsequently, any transactions made on the Polygon network require a gas fee. A "gas fee" is what apps pay the Polygon network to perform transactions.

Can I return an NFT after I purchase it?

No. All sales are final since NFTs are unique non-interchangeable digital assets. However, you can list your NFT for resale on the CrunkSpot Marketplace.

What payment methods can be used on CrunkSpot?

To purchase an NFT on CrunkSpot, the cryptocurrency used is MATIC.

I have a MetaMask wallet, is that compatible with CrunkSpot?

Yes. CrunkSpot is built on the Polygon network and is compatible with MetaMask. CrunkSpot Music NFTs are built on the Polygon blockchain, using the Polygon ERC1155 smart contract.

Do I need my own crypto wallet?

Yes. You will need a crypto wallet to purchase or mint any NFT. MetaMask is recommended or any wallet that supports the purchase of the Polygon (MATIC) cryptocurrency.